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For the love of shoes!

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While there needn’t be any specific day assigned to express one’s love for another, there is something about Valentine’s Day that makes you go that extra mile for your partner. The two questions that then drive you insane on this subject are – what to wear on Valentine’s Day and what are the different unique Valentine’s Day gifts I can buy for him.

This is when you turn to Crocs, for we may just have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas you were looking for! From what to gift him in order to put a huge smile on his face to what date shoes for women you need to opt for that will complement your flirty Valentine’s Day outfit – we have it all covered for you.

Date shoes for women

  1. On a brunch date

Casual is the mantra to follow here, while staying with the theme of the day – delicate and charming. You can’t go wrong with coral when you are looking to pull off the ‘pretty in pastel’ look. A coral blouse worn over lacy white shorts is just what you need as you slip your feet into a dainty pair of coral flats a la Crocs Eve W Coral Flat. Mix it up with funky accessories and cool shades and you are ready to slay!

  1. First Valentine’s Date

The first date with your man turns out to be on Valentine’s Day. Fret not! A flowy dress in shades of brown or burnt gold and a pair of Crocs Sienna Shiny Animal Print Snake Flat shoes is all you need to be date-ready. You can even offset this classy shoe option with a skater dress in colours such as red/burnt orange.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men

It’s not just enough to nail the outfit. Next on the shopping list is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and nothing say classic yet snazzy than a new pair of shoes!

For the sporty man: He loves his rugged fashion and to complete this look, a pair of CitiLane Canvas Lace M Charcoal/White Sneaker is just right.

For the one who loves Friday dressing: Everything has to be the right balance of formal and casual and aiding this characteristic of his is Crocs Kinsale 2-Eye Shoe M Khaki/Stucco Shoe.

Fun is his middle name: Your partner is a live-wire and to complement this aspect of his is a pair of Swiftwater Graphic Clog M Navy/Ocean Clog. The water-themed graphics add to the bundle of energy that your partner already is.

Once you have these shoes packed, the only bit remaining would be to find the perfect location for a perfect date. What if we say that is sorted out for you too? Here’s how you can grab your favourite pair of Crocs for Valentine’s, and enter a lucky draw to win an all-expense paid trip to Goa! Valentine’s Day will be one romantic day for you, surely!