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Say No to Slipping During Monsoon by Sporting a Clog or Flip-flops

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With the passage of time, clogs and flip-flops have become trending  footwear for men as well as favourite footwear for women in any occasion.  Though clogs are one of the most popular shoes for men and women, most people do not realize that the footwear has been parts of several cultures for centuries. While the traditional clogs for men and clogs for women were generally made entirely from wood and worn as a protective shoe, they have garnered huge fame in the modern days due to the excellent quality materials that are used to manufacture them and the multitude of benefits that they offer.

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Flip-flops have also gained great reputation and have established themselves in the market as one of the most favoured shoes for women and men alike. But still, there are people do not understand how beneficial these footwears are apart from just being stylish. As the season of summer reaches it prime and the monsoon stands at the queue, you need clogs and flip-flops to keep your feet healthy to beat the summer heat and overcome the wetness of monsoon. As a matter of fact, many doctors recommend clogs and flip-flops to their patients as they protect you from slipping during the rainy season and provide your back with proper support.

Why choose clogs and flips for summer as well as monsoon season?

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Undoubtedly, clogs and flip-flops provide you with a wide array of surprising benefits which makes them the perfect footwear during the summer as well as monsoon season. Still feeling unsure about flip-flops online or whether to buy clogs online during this summer and monsoon? Well, have a look at some of the most interesting benefits that these shoes offer.

  • No Slipping:

It is well known that the clogs provide with proper support to your feet, knees and lower back. As a result, they help you to get a better grip on the ground which reduces the chances of slipping during the murky conditions of monsoon. Plus, the bottom of the flip-flops, as well as clogs, are made from excellent quality slip-resistant materials which further reduces the chances of slipping during the wet season. Be it the flip-flops men or flip-flops for women, the fact that several people say that flip-flops do not protect you from slipping is a pure myth.

  • Bid adieu to foot sweat:

During the hot and humid days of summer as well as monsoon, foot sweat is one of the things that troubles most people. Thus, wearing closed shoes like sneakers or boots make the problem even worse. The most gruesome thing about foot sweat is the unpleasant odour that it brings with it. But this problem can easily be solved if you choose to wear a flip-flop or a clog. The foam cover that the flip-flops and clogs have helps to keep your feet dry by evaporating the sweat. As a result, it makes you feel comfortable during the hot and humid days by allowing your feet to breathe.

  • Help you to remain fashionable:

Choosing the right footwear during the summer or monsoon days is a great challenge that everybody faces. While it becomes highly uncomfortable to wear something too enclosed during the summer, preventing your shoe from getting drenched in the rainwater is another great problem. Wearing a drenched shoe can cause several complications like calluses on your feet and pneumonia apart from completely destroying your stylish look. But you will never have to worry about anything if you are wearing a clog or a flip-flop. These shoes are water-resistant; breathable and they make you look classy without any hassle.

  • Perfect for your child:

There is nothing more concerning than the safety and health of your child. Children are restless as well as playful. Thus, it is not possible for any parent to keep them at home during the summer days and the rainy season. But you can feel relaxed by ensuring utmost safety for their little feet by choosing clogs for your little bundles of joy. Apart from being trending kid shoes, the clogs are also very beneficial when it comes to the health of your child. The clogs prevent the problems like athletics’ foot at bay and prevent your kid from getting injured from falling during the slippery condition of the monsoon. Also, clogs help to keep the feet of your kid cool during the summer due to their insulating properties. So, next time you go to buy kid shoes or search kids shoes online, look out for clogs.

Crocband Gallery Clog K

  • Very light in weight:

One of the most important things that people these days in their shoes is how lightweight they are. Hence, it is actually very relevant during monsoon as it becomes too hard to walk through the slippery and muddy roads with a heavy shoe. The flip-flops, as well as the clogs, are very light in weight. Honestly, they are so light that your feet will feel light as a feather. So, you will never have any trouble in wearing them.

  • The perfect companion for long hours:

Wearing a shoe for a long time during the damp and blistering conditions of summer or monsoon is really painful. Further, the strain that the shoes put on your feet is really unbearable. Clogs and flip-flops being well-ventilated and having an arch shape make it comforting for you to wear shoes for long hours. While the breathable structure helps in keeping your feet relaxed by ensuring maximum flow of air, the arch shape reduces the strain on the palm as well as the toes of your feet completely.

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So, do you now understand how excellent the clogs and flip-flops are? If you are looking for men shoes online or women shoes online, make sure to check out the latest designs of flip-flops and clogs on any online shoe store since there are plenty to choose. Select the design that suits you most and makes your life much more comfortable during this summer as well as the upcoming monsoon season.