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Design Your Clogs with the All-New Jibbitz Charms

Crocs Jibbitz Charms

It is no secret that Crocs spells supreme comfort. It is the leading footwear brand that lets you #ComeAsYouAre. To further its mission, Crocs has introduced the all-new Jibbitz. These Crocs Jibbitz charms specially made for adorning your merchandise and they let you make your style statement.

What are Jibbitz and how to use them?

They are one-piece designs that have to be pushed in and out of the holes of your clogs (Yes that’s what the holes are for). They come in various shapes, sizes and designs. When removing the Jibbitz, you need to push from inside rather than prying it away from the top. With these wonderful nuggets of joy, you can design and style your personalized Crocs the way you want to! A wide range is available for all Crocs lovers.

They are best suited for your dashing clogs. Be it for informal days at office or simply when you are heading for a party, these Jibbitz charms add the “charm” to your clogs. Kids can embellish their clogs and step into an imaginary world. Men and women can now complement their iconic Clogs comfort with these stylish Jibbitz. Let’s have a look at how spoil for choice you are!

1. Cartoon Jibbitz

There are a variety of Jibbitz for all cartoon enthusiasts. Imagine Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy coming together once again to recreate the magic of golden days! And you could sport them wherever you go! You can even choose Winnie-the-pooh and his friends to make your universe of characters.

If you are into animated films, it’d be a crime if you haven’t heard about Toy Story. Save the galaxy with your favorite ranger with the Toy Story Buzz Light-year and if you are crazy about the hero of Toy Story, there’s Toy Story Woody for you. Then there are Minions like Stuart, Dave and Tom to make your footwear look cutesy. You can also choose from the Dory pack, frozen fever pack, Princess Annie, McQueen charm, Disney princesses, Sesame Street pack, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pack and many more!

Minnie Crocs Jibbitz Charm

2. Superhero Jibbitz                        

There is a lot on offer for the superhero-beats-villain story type lovers. Your favorite Spider man can now stick its web into your clogs to fight crime. We know you love Avengers too, so we have made the iconic “A” symbol Jibbitz to make you the force to be reckoned with. If this isn’t enough, we have Superman and Batman too for all you crazed superhero fans, so they can take-off with you wherever you go. Does Star Wars sound familiar? Make your own set with Storm trooper helmet, Luke Sky walker, Princess Leila and Darth Vader so you can take a walk on the dark side. We got you covered with Captain America’s alloy shield- the classic design with red, white and blue that also reminds us of the superhero’s American patriotism. We got Transformers packs too, in case you thought we forgot about them.

Captain America Shield Crocs Jibbitz Charms

3. Emoji Jibbitz

There’s nothing better than emojis to express yourself better. Wear your emotions on your sleeve and your footwear! Choose from a variety of Jibbitz- smiley face, smiley cool, skull, heart eyes, silly smiley, smiley with sunglasses, etc.

Smiley brand tears of joy crocs jibbitz charms

4. Food Jibbitz

Who doesn’t love food? What if you could wear your favorite fries to remind you of your Sundays when you sit at home eating fries fresh out of the fryer? There are burgers hot off the grill, chocolate donuts, cupcakes, etc. too to satiate the ravenous foodie in you.

Fries Crocs jibbitz charms

5. Letters and Numbers Jibbitz

We have special numbers and letters Jibbitz that you can use for making a unique statement. Use them to mark the initials of your name or sport them for team spirit. Maybe you can share them with a friend to signify a pair. You can even use the hashtag symbol and make words that resonate with you.  We have got packs of letters too so you can use trendy short forms like OMG, LOL, etc. It is perfect for clubs, families, games, get-together’s, etc.

Number 7 Crocs Charms Jibbitz

6. Jibbitz with other designs

There are many miscellaneous designs to choose from. The Rhinestone flower design is perfect for enhancing your beauty. The Star signifies that you are special, just the way you are. The Heart symbolizes love and friendship and reminds the wearer of the same with its bright red color. There are other Jibbitz too like the ladybug, helicopter, bulldozer truck, crane truck, spooky set, police car, valentine pack, pretty garden pack, summer fan pack and many more. Whatever you wish for, we have it.

Fire truck crocs jibbitz charm

All in all, Jibbitz are the new in-thing and you should lay your hands on them soon, lest they run out. Get them for your Crocs today!  We would love to know what’s your favorite type in the comments below.

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