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Crocs – the most comfortable footwear

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If you think about it, you are running about for most part of the day. In the morning you are chasing a bus or a train to reach office on time.  Once at work, you are busy running from one meeting to another, from one project to another.

Imagine doing this on a daily basis in extremely uncomfortable shoes and you really should not be surprised if you end up with blisters on your feet. There’s only one way to avoid those painful, uncalled for shoe bites. Change your shoes!

Comfort must gain priority when you are choosing footwear for yourself. But that doesn’t mean you compromise on style. Crocs footwear for men and women gives you the best of both worlds. If you didn’t already know, we give you five reasons as to why Crocs is the most comfortable and stylish footwear around:

  1. For all the space you need: Yes, your toes need space too. Crocs footwear provides ample space for your toes to fit in. The large foot room means your toes aren’t sticking uncomfortably with each other and have space to breathe, wriggle, dance and whatsoever they wish to do. Absolute freedom!
  2. Got your back: More like your ankle, but you get our point. Most Crocs shoes come with the utility ankle strap option that gives you greater support while walking. The Croslite material band keeping those sore blisters away.
  3. Material advantage: This brings us to point number three i.e. the leverage it gains from the Croslite material used in the manufacturing of Crocs footwear. It is lightweight, odour-resistant, and greatly absorbs impact to provide maximum cushioning. Run all you want!
  4. Added comforts: The speciality of each Crocs pair of shoe is the massaging heel nubs that provide that soothe the stress your feet are placed under during the course of the day.
  5. Light as a feather: Okay, calling it featherlight is just us being poetic. Essentially developed as boating shoes, its buoyant properties definitely make walking in a pair of Crocs footwear akin to walking on air. The fact that they weigh mere ounces adds weight to their credibility as being the most comfortable shoe ever! See what we did there?

If you still aren’t convinced (really?), here are some reasons why people of every age and gender will love them.

Crocs shoes for men: Comfort and rugged style – what more would you want from your footwear? Aside from classic clogs, you can choose from a wide range of sneakers, loafers, beach line shoes, etc.



Crocs shoes for women: The range of shoes for women truly encapsulates the phrase stylish can be comfortable too. From sandals and flip flops to wedges and casual shoes – pick from feminine styles and pleasing colours.



Crocs shoes for kids: The kids collection is the most precious of the lot. In candy colours and eye-catching designs, every kid would love to flaunt his/her footwear, especially if it means displaying their love for their favourite cartoon or movie.


This vast collection of Crocs shoes can be found online. Buy these shoes online to not only avails of discounts but the online shopping of shoes will let you take a look at the brand’s extensive range.

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6-point checklist to consider when buying kids’ footwear

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kids-crocsWhen it comes to providing for your children, nothing but the best will do, isn’t it? Definitely so! And this also includes fulfilling your child’s sartorial needs. Growing up, you become their point of reference for all things fashion and it is you who they will depend on to help make the right style choices. So you have a lot to think about when you set to shop for your little one.

Picking up clothes will be easy for you to manage—just look at the number of options available both online and offline when it comes to cute kids wear? It is often in the shoes department that you falter. If you are used to online shopping as the majority of us are, then rest assured knowing that shopping for kids’ footwear online is as reliable as it gets. How do you zero down on the best kids shoes online? Here’s a 6-point checklist you need to consider:

Odour-resistant: You know your child is going to be running, playing, jumping around and doing a host of other activities through the day in those shoes you slip onto their feet. Buying shoes that are odour-resistant are a must if you want avoid all the health and other troubles that stinky feet will bring along.

Getting the toe box right: Ventilation and the right spacing is extremely essential when you picking up a pair of shoes especially when you want to buy the best shoes for your toddlers. Foot support is a result of the big toe stabilising the natural foot arch. Go for shoes that are spacious and provide advanced toe box ventilation that will also keep your child’s feet cool and let the debris picked up trickle away easily.

Not stiff, but secure: Stiff shoes mean weakening of the foot muscles. Rather than going for sturdy, stiff shoes that will make walking and running more painful for your kid, opt for shoes that promise a secure fit. For example, shoes that with an ankle strap in child-friendly material.

Go light: You don’t want your child to feel as though the weight of the entire world is resting at their feet. Pick shoes that come in materials that are extremely lightweight and will let your child go about their activities without any inhibitions. The Croslite material is perfect for when you want your kids’ footwear to be ultra-lightweight and soft.

Footbed concerns: What’s the point of investing in a pair of stylish shoes if the footbed or sole is tough as a nut and causes your child more pain than happiness? Shoes that come with soft cushioning to give a massage-like feel are just what your prince and princess need.

Colour me bright: Your child’s footwear needs to match his/her vibrant personality.  And what better way to do this than by choosing shoes in bright colours of brick red, lime green, pink lemonade, ocean blue, sunshine yellow and the likes. Let footwear selection make your child as excited as they get when they enter a candy shop.

Crocs shoes for kids fit all these criteria and more and buying them is quite convenient as well. They are among the top brands for kids shoes online and have an extensive range of kids’ footwear online so that falls in line with your wish to give your child the best there is.

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That season of the year that preps us for chilly winter evenings and nights spent cuddling up in our favourite woollen apparel. Autumn has a charm of its own that is irresistible, no matter which country you live in. While we may not be greeted by the sight of orange-red leaves strewn on the road, the months between October to December are spent basking in the general cooling down of the weather.

Winter or autumn fashion ranks high on the list of many designers who bring out collections that will make your pleasant evenings all the more fashionable. And we are not just talking about clothes. Footwear is given equal importance during autumn. Fashion shoes for women during this season takes comfortable style to an entirely different level. Fashion shoes for men, too, see a rise in the chic factor. We round up some of the hottest shoe trends to following this coming autumn:


Dual tones

Fashion shoes for women that come in two contrasting or complementing colours have set the runway on fire. The trend sticks to the ‘keep it simple, keep it stylish’ catchphrase that will carry you from day to night easily.
Shop the trend: Channel your love for blue with the Crocs Coretta W Nautical Navy/Pool Sandal that comes in two pleasant hues of navy and sky blue.


Ankle straps

Strappy fashion shoes for women are quite popular and making a wave on the runways this time are ankle strap shoes. They are perfect to show off your ankles and lengthen your legs further and it is a style that will not go out of fashion anytime soon.
Shop the trend: Shop from the ladies’ crocs collection available online that covers all the fall/winter trends. The Crocs LeighII AnkleStrap Graphic Stucco/Gold Wedge is all things pretty and feminine.

Crocs LeighII AnkleStrap Graphic Stucco/Gold Wedge


Stay neutral

The colours dominating the fashion shoes for men market this autumn are several shades of brown. From burnished brown, tan and chocolate to walnut and desert brown and espresso, it’s the ‘it’ hue this season. The eternal favourite black stays strong as well.
Shop the trend: Crocs for men online covers this colour trend sufficiently. Choose the Crocs Ralen Walnut Clog that can be worn for semi-formal occasions too. Or look to hit the beach and road in style with the Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe Men Espresso/Stucco Shoe. Its glazed finish will uplift your style quotient by several notches.


S for sneakers

Sneakers have been the favourite trend to follow this entire year and will continue to make its presence felt come autumn. Pair them with your favourite pair of denims or make Friday dressing more fun with a stylish, colourful pair of sneakers—laced or unlaced.
Shop the trend: Buy your sneakers online to browse through several styles and colours. The Crocs Norlin Slip-On M Flame/White Sneaker is a bright red, unlaced sneaker that will not only enhance your style, but also add that much needed pop of colour in your autumn wardrobe.

Crocs Norlin Slip-On M Flame/White Sneaker

Articles of Interest

Clogs: The Comfort Statement

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Fashion is an ever changing statement. It slips in and out very silently and because of this, it is really hard to recognize exactly when, we have started following a particular trend. The above statement is applicable for all industries and footwear is not an exception. The Clog is a bold example of this. Having its origin in the 19th century Europe, it has completed a long journey and now it is one of the most happening fashion statements in the footwear industry. The new re-invention of clogs has changed the footwear industry dramatically.

Irrespective of men or women, kids or toddlers, clog are loved by all. It is becoming a comfort statement very fast along with its in-trend charm. The present variation of men, women & kids clogs with simple yet elegant design, is the most important reason for its success. At the beginning, clogs were crafted from wood, but at present there are several types of materials to craft your clog. Rubber, plastic, synthetic and what not and yes, there is Croslite too, that are used to make your clog. It is available for different kinds of occasions, seasons and demographics and suit everyone’s fancy.

Unlike the discomfort of the conventional footwear, clogs will never give you a shoe-bite neither it will pinch or squeeze. These are created to cater for every foot and allow plenty of room. Also, this roomy footwear you can remain fresh throughout the busy day. The roomy toe boxes always allow your toes their natural movement. This is why clogs remain the first choice of professionals throughout the globe.

Now, when you are looking for a men or women clog, first check for the following options:

1. Always look for an open design that allows for maximum air circulation and remains comfortable even in hot and humid weather conditions.

2. If you like straps be sure that the strap should not cut into your feet. It should be comfortable and let you wear the footwear snugly.

3. Additional insole padding with materials, providing arch support should be always be preferred. Choose fabric insoles if you have a sweaty foot problem.

4. Try and get a clog with non-slip soles. These soles are suitable for all weather conditions simply because they offer maximum traction. Rubber soles are also very good for the shock-absorption purpose.

5. Always make sure that you have a clog with lengthy soles and it is roomy enough to feel comfortable

6. At work place, if you are exposed to hazardous spills or there are chances of injuries, a leather upper clog would be a good choice and will provide extra foot protection.

7. The heel height should be proper so that you are comfortable while walking and long working hours


Loafers for Men: The No Lace Shoes

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Men’s fashion always revolves around a perfect mix of style, comfort and elegance. It may be clothing, accessories, perfumes or footwear. Keeping this in mind, the footwear industry is designing more stylish and comfortable shoes for men. One of such shoes is loafers that make the perfect combination of comfort and style. It is a perfect shoe type for all those men who prefer to be stylish but comfort remains the foremost preference. Generally, shoes for men mean a pair of laces that need to be tied up and if it is for formal dressing, then it is hard to think beyond these laces. At times, it becomes very uncomfortable to carry on, especially when there is dearth of time.

This is where loafers come into play. It slips on easily, have no buckles, and most importantly, there is no laces or Velcro. The low-cut uppers keep these loafers below the ankle height and makes it the most easiest of the shoes to put on. Furthermore, very small maintenance required for these shoes that makes it even more preferred among men. Apart from comfort, if we use loafers as fashion footwear, it has even more versatility to offer as it is a good fit for formal, semi-formal and even for casual dressing.

Ever growing demand for the men’s loafers compelled the footwear industry to think about the designing options and it has caused the introduction of several new styles of men’s loafers. Some of the common styles of loafers are moccasin, tasseled and penny loafers.

Moccasins boast as the original form of loafers because the existences of these shoes are found in the history. It is believed that moccasin loafers were first used by the Native Americans. This particular name “moccasin” derived from a Native American language. In 1970’s, the moccasin style was re-invented and straight away it was highly accepted by the men’s community. The superior looks, polished uppers with no lace, was very attractive. It became so popular and used so widely for formal and informal use that the difference between formal shoes and moccasins was really hard to make out.

Where Moccasins was preferred by the working class and aged men, the new generation was looking for a better and different option and thus the Penny Loafers was introduced. It has its footprints since 1930’s, but in the recent past, the Penny Loafers got more popularity. The retro look of the Penny Loafers with a decorative strap across the top added to its popularity and charm for the new gen men.

Another remarkable design is the Tassel Loafers. These are more decorative than its peers. Due to the tassels around the shoe, these men’s loafers come with an added charm.

If you are looking for more information on men’s loafers or want to buy a pair, you can check Crocs Men’s Loafer section.


Why Crocs Are The Perfect Winter Wear

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Winter is here and you’ve probably started stacking all those sleeveless tops and t-shirts to the back of your wardrobe to make way for coats, long-sleeve tees and colourful scarves and stoles. And of course a lot of cold creams and moisturisers. What about footwear, though? We don’t want your feet looking out of place when you look winter ready from top. This winter, what you need to stock your footwear closet with is those stylish, hip pair of Crocs.

To understand why, let’s see why this footwear brand has been dominating our shoe shelves since its launch in 2002. Be it for their high comfort quotient, lightweight feel or modest pricing, their fad conquered the whole world. Even former US President George W. Bush sported them, pairingit with shorts and dark socks.

Here are some reasons you should consider buying a pair or two this winter:

Happy Feet

Our feet tend to get cold and sweaty in winter. Any temperature change, whether it’s getting warmer or colder, triggers excessive sweating. This happens because of a process called autonomic regulation, which is when your body has to work overtime in tolerating change in temperature.

The skin on your extremities, palm and feet becomes cold due to sweating. This results in bacteria production and thus leads to foot odor. Enter Crocs! Crocs are also odor resistant. The air vents punctured on the top make it a breathing footwear letting air, water pass easily though it. The anti-microbial feature of the Crocs prevents odor-causing bacteria from developing inside the shoes. Their nonporous material gives them antibacterial properties that makes them a huge asset to those susceptible to infection — those with wounds or poor circulation.

Let’s just say when you meet your friends at a coffee house and smell something damp and stinky, feel sure that it’s not coming from your footwear.

Sole Therapy

This slip-resistant footwear has started what can be called a comfort movement in the footwear world. Not only is the material soft, it is also bacteria-resistant and washable. Made of proprietary material called Croslite, Crocs mould to the shape of your feet and provide a personalised fit. The non-slip soles make them the perfect footwear for those who are always on their feet for a large part of the day, running around to get work done. They are also great for boating, swimming and for use indoors where the floors may be slippery. Hop into these eco-friendly, low maintenance, no-frills pairs and we bet you’re going to want to wear them everywhere you go.

Team it up with Crocs:

Whether it’s your long skirt, your cool denim jacket or just a pretty dress, you can team it up with these Italian style shoes. Crocs give an extremely funky look to whatever you’re wearing. With more than 50 designs to choose from, there are plenty of options for men, women and even children.

So jazz up your winter look at work, outing or a party by putting on these crocs.

Doctor recommended:

Originally designed for boating, crocs have ample toe room, deep and supportive heel cup and secure rear strap. Their loose fit means no pressure points or rubbing spots. Their stable foot bed prevents staggering and excessive pronation — in which body weight falls on the inner edge of the sole, causing ankle, knee and low-back pain. They make a good alternative to flexible bedroom slippers that cause a lot of foot problems.

Crocs offer more comfort and protection that any other footwear. Crocs even have the official seal of approval from the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association), which means that the shoes have been found to be beneficial in promoting good foot and ankle care.

Low maintenance:

Crocs are very easy to clean and maintain. Especially in the months of winter when the air is drier and your skin can dry out more rapidly. The dead skin cells that get left behind are a major food source for the bacteria that can cause smelly feet.

The shape of your crocs makes it super easy to clean thus ensuring that your shoes are not houses of dead and dry skin flakes.

So next time you go shoe shopping, consider buying Crocs. We’re sure you’ll have more reasons to get out and explore the world in your perfectly comfortable, medically approved and super chic pair of crocs. Because you know what they say, “Good shoes take you good places.”