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Upcoming Summer Vacations For Kids With Crocs Fun Lab Collection

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Parents! Heave a sigh of relief. Your curious little ones now have a trustworthy companion this summer vacation. In fact, kids will happily ditch their gadgets for this true all-weather friend. Crocs is bringing to you, its FunLab collection of kids shoes, clogs, specially designed for your little ones. The collection is a colorful range of comfy footwear that will surely add a spring in their step. Each pair will be a perfect comrade for those exhausting days ahead.

FunLab Batman Smoke Boys Clog

The Caped Crusader and his signal for justice return in another pair of courageous clogs from our Fun Lab. With uppers featuring raised batman graphics right where kids can see and touch them and pivoting heel straps with Bat Signal logos, these batman clogs by crocs will be the talk of Gotham’s playground. He’ll light up the night with glow in the dark features on upper and heel strap and dont worry about your boys comfort as it comes with iconic crocs comfort with all day support. Batman returns to save the day in these Crocs Batman Glow In The Dark FunLab Smoke Clogs For Boys.

Crocs Batman Glow In The Dark FunLab Smoke Clogs For Boys

FunLab Lights Spiderman Black Boys Clog

What’s cooler than Spider-Man graphics on your own pair of shoes? How about, long-lasting LEDs embedded that light up with every step! This Fun Lab edition of clogs features the iconic web-slinging spiderman graphics from the top down that kids can see and Spider-Man logos on the heel straps. Absolutely Marvel-ous! He’ll be jumping like a spider-man from room to room in Crocs FunLab Black Spiderman Clog Shoes With Lights For Boys.

Crocs FunLab Black Spiderman Clogs Shoes With Lights For Boys

FunLab Cars Flame Kids-Unisex Clog

Boys and girls, start your engines! Crocs Fun Lab is back with another spin on the legendary Cars Clog to keep the little speedsters in the family on track, lap after lap. All of the comfort and support of a daily driver is here — this clog is light, easy to wear, quick to dry and cushiony thanks to our legendary Croslite™ foam construction. They’ll go vroom vroom in the Kids FunLab Cars Flame Kids-Unisex Clog High. See you at the next pit-stop!

FunLab Cars Flame Kids Unisex Clog

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Say No to Slipping During Monsoon by Sporting a Clog or Flip-flops

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With the passage of time, clogs and flip-flops have become trending  footwear for men as well as favourite footwear for women in any occasion.  Though clogs are one of the most popular shoes for men and women, most people do not realize that the footwear has been parts of several cultures for centuries. While the traditional clogs for men and clogs for women were generally made entirely from wood and worn as a protective shoe, they have garnered huge fame in the modern days due to the excellent quality materials that are used to manufacture them and the multitude of benefits that they offer.

lieride tennis
Flip-flops have also gained great reputation and have established themselves in the market as one of the most favoured shoes for women and men alike. But still, there are people do not understand how beneficial these footwears are apart from just being stylish. As the season of summer reaches it prime and the monsoon stands at the queue, you need clogs and flip-flops to keep your feet healthy to beat the summer heat and overcome the wetness of monsoon. As a matter of fact, many doctors recommend clogs and flip-flops to their patients as they protect you from slipping during the rainy season and provide your back with proper support.

Why choose clogs and flips for summer as well as monsoon season?

Bayaband Flip Navy/Pepper Unisex Flip
Undoubtedly, clogs and flip-flops provide you with a wide array of surprising benefits which makes them the perfect footwear during the summer as well as monsoon season. Still feeling unsure about flip-flops online or whether to buy clogs online during this summer and monsoon? Well, have a look at some of the most interesting benefits that these shoes offer.

  • No Slipping:

It is well known that the clogs provide with proper support to your feet, knees and lower back. As a result, they help you to get a better grip on the ground which reduces the chances of slipping during the murky conditions of monsoon. Plus, the bottom of the flip-flops, as well as clogs, are made from excellent quality slip-resistant materials which further reduces the chances of slipping during the wet season. Be it the flip-flops men or flip-flops for women, the fact that several people say that flip-flops do not protect you from slipping is a pure myth.

  • Bid adieu to foot sweat:

During the hot and humid days of summer as well as monsoon, foot sweat is one of the things that troubles most people. Thus, wearing closed shoes like sneakers or boots make the problem even worse. The most gruesome thing about foot sweat is the unpleasant odour that it brings with it. But this problem can easily be solved if you choose to wear a flip-flop or a clog. The foam cover that the flip-flops and clogs have helps to keep your feet dry by evaporating the sweat. As a result, it makes you feel comfortable during the hot and humid days by allowing your feet to breathe.

  • Help you to remain fashionable:

Choosing the right footwear during the summer or monsoon days is a great challenge that everybody faces. While it becomes highly uncomfortable to wear something too enclosed during the summer, preventing your shoe from getting drenched in the rainwater is another great problem. Wearing a drenched shoe can cause several complications like calluses on your feet and pneumonia apart from completely destroying your stylish look. But you will never have to worry about anything if you are wearing a clog or a flip-flop. These shoes are water-resistant; breathable and they make you look classy without any hassle.

  • Perfect for your child:

There is nothing more concerning than the safety and health of your child. Children are restless as well as playful. Thus, it is not possible for any parent to keep them at home during the summer days and the rainy season. But you can feel relaxed by ensuring utmost safety for their little feet by choosing clogs for your little bundles of joy. Apart from being trending kid shoes, the clogs are also very beneficial when it comes to the health of your child. The clogs prevent the problems like athletics’ foot at bay and prevent your kid from getting injured from falling during the slippery condition of the monsoon. Also, clogs help to keep the feet of your kid cool during the summer due to their insulating properties. So, next time you go to buy kid shoes or search kids shoes online, look out for clogs.

Crocband Gallery Clog K

  • Very light in weight:

One of the most important things that people these days in their shoes is how lightweight they are. Hence, it is actually very relevant during monsoon as it becomes too hard to walk through the slippery and muddy roads with a heavy shoe. The flip-flops, as well as the clogs, are very light in weight. Honestly, they are so light that your feet will feel light as a feather. So, you will never have any trouble in wearing them.

  • The perfect companion for long hours:

Wearing a shoe for a long time during the damp and blistering conditions of summer or monsoon is really painful. Further, the strain that the shoes put on your feet is really unbearable. Clogs and flip-flops being well-ventilated and having an arch shape make it comforting for you to wear shoes for long hours. While the breathable structure helps in keeping your feet relaxed by ensuring maximum flow of air, the arch shape reduces the strain on the palm as well as the toes of your feet completely.

Drew X Crocs Sloane Grph Sld W White Slide


So, do you now understand how excellent the clogs and flip-flops are? If you are looking for men shoes online or women shoes online, make sure to check out the latest designs of flip-flops and clogs on any online shoe store since there are plenty to choose. Select the design that suits you most and makes your life much more comfortable during this summer as well as the upcoming monsoon season.


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Mum’s the word

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She’s the embodiment of the feeling they call ‘home’. Her stern yet melodramatic dialogues never leave you even as you go about your day. She’s sugar, spice and everything nice. The ease with which she multitasks confirms that not all superheroes wear capes, because she truly is Wonder Woman! She’s the woman we call MOM. Celebrate her like never before this Mother’s Day!

If you’re pondering about the perfect mother’s day gift ideas.. Quit thinking! Instead of gifting  her chocolates, flowers or other mainstream gifting options… gift her lasting freedom to glide  through her day. Gift her our brand new Isabella Collection so you can say it out loud – “Come As You Are Mum, it’s your day!” In case you’re wondering, here’s why :

  • It’s Slip Resistant. This makes the Isabella Flats the perfect sole mate for those who are perpetually on the go (in other words, mums).
  • The soft translucent straps feel good on her feet, and the Croslite™ foam
    foot bed cushions every step.
  • It’s the marriage of style and comfort . (We call it a match made in heaven!)
  • Drew Barrymore swears by it (Don’t believe us, take it from her.)
  • Get ready to be spoil for choice as we have these in 7 different colors!
    Watch this space for exciting offers!

Drew Barrymore- Hi from the set from Crocs on Vimeo.

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Spring / Summer Styles 2017

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Yes, it is that time of the year when you go on a spring cleaning mission and that includes updating your wardrobe and shoe cabinet too. 2017 shoe trends point toward making a bold, cheery fashion statement with colourful shoes that reflect the season.

With a great variety of styles to choose from comes great responsibility (yes, choosing the right footwear for yourself is a handy superpower to have). For a convenient guide that will help you make the right footwear choices, simply pin this to the chart board!


Strap on: A feminine play on straps is the next big thing this season and were seen making their presence felt on the runways internationally. Criss-cross or the perennially favourite X-strap, stock on some strappy numbers to up your fashion game this spring. And a strap sandal like the Swiftwater W Vibrant Violet Sandal is just what you were looking for. Pair them with sheer, printed tights and a short dress to complement it and you are ready to hit that brunch with your ladies in style! Want to strike a balance between sporty and feminine? The Swiftwater X-Strap W Smoke/Light Grey Shoe is the perfect answer to all your active fashionwear woes.

Open secret: Open toes are back and how! Paint those toe nails a bright red or sunshine yellow and slip your feet into some comfortable open-toe flats that will take you from office to party without much fuss. The Crocs Lina Embellished Dorsay Navy/Silver Flat is the kind of pair you would want to sport on your formals as well as dressy outfits. Subtle oomph!

Comfort chic: Spring styles are all about fashion that lets you breathe and walk with a spring in your step! For all those casual outings, turn out cute as a button with an A-line frock to match a pair of sporty shoes such as the CitiLane Roka Slip-On W Electric Blue Shoe.


Colour burst

The predominant theme for shoes for men this season is the mix-and-match of colours to welcome spring in all its glory. Pool parties are going to be a regular event this season. Give your ‘checked shirt and shorts’ combo that added edge with the Swiftwater Wave Graphic M Ocean/Black Shoe. The water-themed graphics on the shoe will make you feel at home instantly! For a subtler take on this type of shoe, opt for the solid, dual-coloured Swiftwater Wave M Graphite/Volt Green Shoe. Its wide front, unique design and appealing colours will mean you they will help you stand out from the rest no matter where you go. And if heads turning with every step you take is what you desire, then look no further than the Duet Max Ombre Clog Navy/Orange Clog! Yes, ombre is stealing the show on the shoe trend charts as well! The fiery shades of orange and yellow are offset stylishly with the cool navy for a mesmerizing graphical effect.


Superhero mania

There is no particular season to help your kid bring out the inner superhero in them, but spring could be the right time to start. If your child is obsessed with a superhero, then they’ll never say no to the CrocsFunLab kids shoes collection. From Star Wars (CrocsFunLab Star Wars Navy Clog) to the Marvel Avengers (CrocsFunLab Marvel Avengers Navy Clog) and Batman (CrocsFunLab Batman Smoke Clog), your child won’t stop gushing or finding an excuse to flaunt these superhero clogs!

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Happy Holi gifts from Crocs

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As Indians, celebrations and festivities are second nature to us. And no, we aren’t complaining! Gorging on mouth-watering sweets, splurging on new clothes, collecting gifts by the dozen, and did we mention getting a break from the stress of daily life?

Speaking of festivals, Holi is just around the corner! Lighting bonfires, showering your family and friends with colours (remember to use the environment-friendly ones), making your tummy smile by filling it with gujiyas and bhang – what’s not to like about the festival? We know that you have a long list of people to gift during this period. So, if you wish to give your Holi gifting strategy a colourful twist, let us help you out with that.

Holi shoes as a gifting idea is smart and fun at the same time! Also, it’s high time those Holi outfits are jazzed up, isn’t it?

Telling an artsy story: If it’s shoes for men you wish to pick, then you can’t wrong with the Swiftwater Graphic Clog M Navy/Ocean Clog. It is perfect for the man who defines the phrase ‘bundle of energy’ and one who will be the life of every Holi party. Available in a pleasant blue colour, the water-themed graphics fit the festival being celebrated to the T.

Smart & chic: Another classy pick among shoes for Holi is the Swiftwater Wave M Black/Pearl White Shoe. Available in a wide range of colours such as white-navy blue, white-orange, graphite-volt green, espresso-walnut, etc., its unique non-tapered front will add that extra stylish edge to any Holi attire.

Comfort rules: Ladies, we got your Holi shoes woes covered as well. Slip your feet into the soothing-to-the-eye, CitiLane Roka Slip-On W Electric Blue Shoe and throw away all your cares as you enjoy a fashionable Holi. And if blue isn’t your colour, you could opt for vibrant violet. Among shoes for women to flaunt during Holi, you could also pick from the Capri V Sequin W collection to add some bling to your Holi attire.

Crocs’ latest collection has several and more options to choose from and with discounts that will prevent a hole from burning in your pocket! All you need to do is visit, shop, and gift away! Happy Holi everybody!

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For the love of shoes!

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While there needn’t be any specific day assigned to express one’s love for another, there is something about Valentine’s Day that makes you go that extra mile for your partner. The two questions that then drive you insane on this subject are – what to wear on Valentine’s Day and what are the different unique Valentine’s Day gifts I can buy for him.

This is when you turn to Crocs, for we may just have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas you were looking for! From what to gift him in order to put a huge smile on his face to what date shoes for women you need to opt for that will complement your flirty Valentine’s Day outfit – we have it all covered for you.

Date shoes for women

  1. On a brunch date

Casual is the mantra to follow here, while staying with the theme of the day – delicate and charming. You can’t go wrong with coral when you are looking to pull off the ‘pretty in pastel’ look. A coral blouse worn over lacy white shorts is just what you need as you slip your feet into a dainty pair of coral flats a la Crocs Eve W Coral Flat. Mix it up with funky accessories and cool shades and you are ready to slay!

  1. First Valentine’s Date

The first date with your man turns out to be on Valentine’s Day. Fret not! A flowy dress in shades of brown or burnt gold and a pair of Crocs Sienna Shiny Animal Print Snake Flat shoes is all you need to be date-ready. You can even offset this classy shoe option with a skater dress in colours such as red/burnt orange.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men

It’s not just enough to nail the outfit. Next on the shopping list is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and nothing say classic yet snazzy than a new pair of shoes!

For the sporty man: He loves his rugged fashion and to complete this look, a pair of CitiLane Canvas Lace M Charcoal/White Sneaker is just right.

For the one who loves Friday dressing: Everything has to be the right balance of formal and casual and aiding this characteristic of his is Crocs Kinsale 2-Eye Shoe M Khaki/Stucco Shoe.

Fun is his middle name: Your partner is a live-wire and to complement this aspect of his is a pair of Swiftwater Graphic Clog M Navy/Ocean Clog. The water-themed graphics add to the bundle of energy that your partner already is.

Once you have these shoes packed, the only bit remaining would be to find the perfect location for a perfect date. What if we say that is sorted out for you too? Here’s how you can grab your favourite pair of Crocs for Valentine’s, and enter a lucky draw to win an all-expense paid trip to Goa! Valentine’s Day will be one romantic day for you, surely!

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Men’s footwear fashion – let’s stop ignoring it

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The modern man will not shy away from making a bold or strong fashion statement. And why should he? Gone are the days when fashion and the male species would not be considered as a match made in heaven. What the style-conscious man needs to remember though is that fashion now begins from the shoe upwards.

Your shoes, perhaps, reveal a lot more about you than you ever intended, and one needn’t don Sherlock’s hat to deduce so. You literally walk your talk. If you have been ignoring this aspect of your style, we tell you why men’s footwear fashion must never be sidelined.

  1. A good, fine pair of shoes will never make you feel overdressed. A blazer worn at a football match screening may cause many to throw weird glances at you. Pair your jersey and shorts with a smart pair of loafers and you may just be hailed as the most stylish sports fan in the room. Who would say no to that title now? The Crocs Santa Cruz Clean Cut Navy / Tumbleweed Loafer is the perfect addition to your shoe rack for this purpose; the subtle colours giving you the right amount of pizzazz with ought overdoing it. All the style with no compromise on comfort!
  2. In a make or break job interview, it is often the shoes you wear that decide your fate. In a survey conducted for a foreign shoemaking company, Allen Edmonds, around 80% of hiring managers have stated that the shoes worn by candidates during the interview is essential in their final selection decision. To bag that corporate job, business dress shoes are a must and laces are what generally separate a casual shoe from a dressy one. The Crocs Kinsale Lace-Up Tumbleweed / Stucco Shoe is stylishly formal and in a colour that is most preferred by job interviewers – brown.
  3. There have been studies and surveys conducted galore on the first few things a woman notices about a man when on a date, and shoes make it to the top five every single time. Your clothes may flaunt the biggest brands and you may have doused yourself in your favourite scent, but wear scruffy, dirty shoes and she will judge you. Reason enough to sort your date night shoe requirement, isn’t it? The Crocs Yukon Sport Espresso / Espresso Clog fits the first date bill perfectly. Casual and smart and in rugged espresso colour that is sure to win you several brownie points.
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You know you are a shoe lover when you buy outfits to match your fashion shoes and not the other way round. Hey, the fashion shoe-loving community knows what it needs and isn’t shy to ask for it. Their footwear cupboard is neatly divided into categories such as brunch, date night, date with girlfriends, lazy day out… the labels are endless and the cupboard, huge!

If you find yourself sharing a similar relationship with your shoes, then you will understand why following global footwear trends is of utmost importance to you. You scour the runway images online and read up reports in print to know exactly what kind of footwear you need to invest in for the year ahead. Let us help unburden you slightly. We have done the first bit for you and present you the trends doing the rounds for both men and women this year.


Making a point

Fashion shoes for women are tapering towards the pointed edge this season. Pair it with a crop top and cigarette pants for a look that is classy and hep at the same time.
Shop the trend: The Crocs Lina Wedge Black/Plum Wedge is playfully feminine and contemporary.

Crocs Lina Wedge Black/Plum Wedge

Sporty tales

Laced loafers bringing sporty chic fashion back as comfort is given priority among footwear trends. Colour coordinate them with pleated shorts, pull a blazer over your tee for a look that says straight off the runway.
Shop the trend: Shades of grey are sexy! Don’t believe us? Let this pair of Crocs Walu II Canvas Skimmer W Concrete/Pearl White Shoe convince you.

Crocs Walu II Canvas Skimmer W Concrete/Pearl White Shoe

Strappy numbers

From gladiators that make an impressive style statement to T-strap fancy sandals that spell relaxed fashion, these strappy fashion shoes for women are what you need to complete your shoe cabinet.
Shop the trend: The Crocs Isabella T-Strap Coral Sandal will make you think lovingly about summer, ice-cream cones and Sunday picnics.

Crocs Isabella T-strap Coral Sandal


Sneak me in…

Or that’s what sneakers have been whispering to you. The uber-cool sneakers are making their presence felt strongly in the fashion shoes for men department. The definite colours to pick are neutrals such as black and grey and navy blue for that dash of colour.
Shop the trend: Solid colours such as navy blue, white and a clean line of red make the Crocs NorlinPlim M Navy/White Sneaker a must in every man’s shoe cabinet.

Crocs Norlin Plim M Navy/White Sneaker

Flip for fashion

The trends have declared flip flops to be the ultimate in comfortable fashion for men. These fashion shoes for men are perfect for any and every casual occasion.
Shop the trend: The Crocs Yukon Mesa Slide M Khaki/Espresso Slide nail the casual brief without slipping over to the sloppy side. The rugged colours of khaki and coffee simply add to the charm of the footwear.

Crocs Yukon Mesa M Khaki/Espresso Clog

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Admit it, there are days you wake up and simply pick the first pair of clothes you see in your wardrobe because you are running out of time and are super exhausted. A normal working weekday unfortunately looks a lot like this for most of us. We can’t rush through similarly while choosing our footwear for the day though. What if the very first thing you spot are your bathroom slippers? The horror!

Comfort plays a major role today when it comes to deciding the right footwear. Fashion shoes that score high on the style scale and that can take us from the boardroom to the bar and on a vacation are outright winners for us. No competition at all. Do such shoes exist? Why, of course they do! You only need to know the right style to pick and where to buy them from and you are good to go on a vacation straight out of office.


Strut around in sandals: Sleek, stylish sandals can work well with your formal office attire and are good to walk around and party in as well. Open-toed sandals mean you also get a chance to show off those polished, pedicured toenails. Pick from the fancy sandals available at Crocs, such as the Crocs Isabella Huarache W Oyster/Berry Sandal that comes in pretty marine colours. Its soft translucent straps mean lesser chances of getting blisters.

Crocs Isabella Huarache W Oyster/Berry Sandal

For the love of clogs: Yes, the right pair of clogs will mean you can walk your way through office work without feeling out of place and carry on with the same as the hour of holidaying begins. The Crocs Crocband II.5 Light Grey/Electric Blue Clog is perfect for those from-work-to-party days. What’s more? Pair this clog with matching ankle length socks to look cute as a button.

Crocs Crocband II.5 Light Grey/Electric Blue Clog


Not just loafing around: Loafers are the ultimate in fashion shoes for men when comfort is on your mind. Your legs are saved of all stress in these comfy shoes. So if you have a long travel journey planned immediately after leaving work, then the canvas variety of loafers are the best. Don’t worry, they fit right in with your corporate attire too. The Crocs Santa Cruz Clean Cut Navy/Tumbleweed Loafer is our choicest pick.

Crocs Santa Cruz Clean Cut Navy/Tumbleweed Loafer

Sneaker story: Sneakers have long been a man’s best friend when it comes to relaxed footwear. If you thought sneakers are just sporty then let us change your opinion. Slip-on sneakers are not just formal but make for great footwear options when you want to hit the rod straight off from work. You can find the best sneakers for men online. The Crocs CitiLane Slip-On M Smoke/White Sneaker is classy and hep at the same time.

Crocs CitiLane Roka Slip-On M Smoke/White Shoe

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Corporate dressing has evolved over the years with boardroom fashion having become a dedicated fashion category in the clothes and accessories space. While you need to get workwear wardrobe sorted out, it is important to not ignore your workwear shoe options as well. Why not? Well, you really don’t want to wear your slippers below your crisp, ironed formal skirt now, do you?

Before we help you choose just the right work footwear according to your individual style needs, here are certain dos and don’ts you need to follow when it comes to office-friendly footwear:

  • DO smart casual dressing. If yours is a strictly corporate environment, denims will only look cool if you pair them with an equally cool pair of Oxfords.
  • DON’T go scruffy, ever! Closed shoes are a must to avoid the muck and grime while on your way to work.
  • DO comfortable work footwear. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes that will have you swaying uncomfortably through the day. Keep it formal, keep it low.
  • DON’T overdo casual Friday. And by that we mean, leave the shower slippers home.

Now that you have these listed down, time to make a note of the different office-friendly styles that will help you nail the corporate look from head-to-toe. All the brownie points for dressing the part with none of the swollen toes or blistered feet.


Job position: Junior to mid-level executive, needs to be on-field or running about on assignments through the day
Footwear solution: For you, comfort is of utmost priority and yes, relaxed fashion is a real thing. Ballet flats are perfect if you wish to give your corporate attire a cutesier vibe. To maintain a serious yet stylish look, opt for loafers for women. They are simple, super-comfy and cover the dos mentioned above. The Crocs Walu II Canvas W Ice Blue/Pearl White Loafer would be a nice, pleasantly-coloured addition to this section.

Crocs Walu II Canvas W Ice Blue/Pearl White Loafer

Job position: Senior level executive, need to meet clients and go for meetings on a regular basis
Footwear solution: For style that shows who is the boss, wedges are the best fit. You stand a little taller with the help of them, they provide greater stability and can be worn with any kind of outfit.

Crocs ColorBlock W Black/Black Wedge


Job role: Client pitch and meetings to be attended through the day
Footwear solution: Loafers for men are the best bet for you too. Rugged and well-treated, the Crocs Santa Cruz Clean Cut Khaki/Cobblestone Loafer is exactly what you needed.

Crocs Santa Cruz Clean Cut Khaki/Cobblestone Loafer

Job role: The fresher
Footwear solution: At the beginning, you are still allowed to be the child you were and this must reflect in your sartorial choices too. Sneakers are hep, playful, and definitely fit the Friday dressing bit.


Picked your style? Given that many are leading busy lives and work at ultra-crazy work schedules, buying these shoes online your safest bet. Buy the men shoes online and the Crocs collection mentioned are some of the most interesting online shoes for women.